Keto is but a mistress, carbs are my soulmate

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

What is the keto diet?   Also known as the low-carb, high-fat diet, the ketogenic diet is still gaining popularity.  Just for reference sake, the keto diet, similar in style to its predecessor the Atkins diet, strictly limits ones daily carbohydrate intake.  This then focuses the daily diet on fats, proteins, and fibrous vegetables.  There’s some scientific jargon about being in a ketogenic state, which allows your body to use stored fat as fuel instead of burning sugar or something like that.  I am not the expert on that, but just know the research has been done and is out there for your reading pleasure. Let me just say, I hate keto!  Alright, I feel much better now.  And now you’re wondering why.  Early on in my healthy living journey, I was all about ‘quick fixes’ and ‘simple solutions’ to righting my wrongs with eating.  I was willing to give anything a try.  What I wasn’t willing to do was cut out sugar! Sugar of any kind.  Now that I know I am a sugar consumer, whether it be natural or artificial, cutting it is truly a difficult feat.   Not only was I not willing to give up sugar, but that also included variety.  Could there be something I hate more than keto? Absolutely!  That would be broccoli!   It felt like every single recipe I reviewed called for broccoli.  I just could not! I needed choices, color, and flavor!  Keto did not offer enough pairings or variety of proteins, vegetables, and flavor profiles to meal prep or keep me from going wayward by week’s end.  What was I going to do?  How would I be successful on this diet plan that everyone else around me was having so much success with?  I missed bread!  Carbs are my soulmate! As I continue to further my knowledge in nutrition, I would caution anyone in choosing a diet trend that strictly prohibits the consumption of fruit and vegetables.  Many healthcare and nutrition professionals would also agree, that while being in a ketogenic state is beneficial to beat weight loss plateaus or even reach mile stones, it is not a long term solution or way of life.  Keto can be difficult on the kidneys.  When done without proper baseline data, this diet choice can raise cholesterol levels quickly.  Above all else, keto recipes include excessive amounts of processed foods.  As we continue on this blog journey, we’ll explore further how processed foods effect our lives, but for now, just know it is never my first choice.  As with any diet trend, there are pros and cons.  I would advise consulting your trusted healthcare professional before making extreme dietary changes.  While I did not benefit from the keto diet due to genetic makeup and external stress factors, I am but a sole component of this diet trend and these are my thoughts and ideas.  Do your research.  Learn what you prefer for your vegetables, fruit, and proteins.  Most of all, do not be afraid to explore a well rounded diet.  

Lydia Bowie Executive Administrator 

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