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Everyone’s body is different and needs a customized approach to reach ideal levels of fitness. No matter what your Personality type, Workout preference, or fitness level I have incorporated different effective exercises in my routines that are designed to develop Muscular Strength and Endurance. 


-With over 20 years of exercise physiology and experience we will find solutions to help your body overcome all metabolic obstacles. We will personalize training for your your body type.  Together we will customize programs to help you reach all of your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to build muscle and lose weight or to gain weight and increase lean muscle mass we've got you covered. We will track your progress and customize a diet plan tailored for your ultimate health and wellness. We will take the journey together!



-Do you want more productive employees?  Are you tired of all of the sick leaves and absenteeism? Are your employees constantly complaining about lack of sleep,  health issues, and no time for exercise? Don't worry we will come to your Business and host Personal/Group training! 

-          Group Training

- Aerobic Mobility exercises to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. We will stretch and increase your Range of motion. This class will kick start your metabolism and have you burning fat and calories throughout the rest of your day!
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- Intense Cardio workout to develop reflexes, reshape and tone your Arms, Shoulders, Gluts, Abs, and Legs. Release all of your frustrations in this class for a total body workout!


- No matter what you fitness level is this class will challenge your mid-section. You will engage all of your stomach muscles and lower back to take inches off your waistline!!!



-If you want to build stronger leaner muscles this is the class for you.  we focus on specific upper and lower body muscle groups to build your strength and endurance.  This class will tone and reshape your body.  You will burn fat and have a healthier-leaner more toned body.
-          Jujitsu/Self Defense

- With over 15 years of martial Arts experience you will learn simple and effective ways to defend yourself. we will cover the most effective techniques of Boxing, Kicking, Punching, Wrestling and Jujitsu!  You will begin with the very basics of techniques up to mastery levels. private one on one sessions available as well as group training.
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-          Boxing Fundamentals 
Personalized Boxing with proper form and technique. We will focus on proper punching and how to move like a professional boxer.​
-          Nutrition Advice and Meal Plans

- Lets talk diet and Nutrition.  We will customize a diet plan that is optimal for your fitness goals.  Meal plans are available to members at very low rates. If you prpay your sessions for 6 months your meal plan is totally Free!
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