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Intensity Fitness is a Private Personal Training facility where we meet our clients by appointment only. We are not an open to the public gym with lots of members. We strive to provide a judgement free environment where our members can feel safe and welcomed like family. At Intensity Fitness we welcome people of all ages abilities and disabilities. It does not matter if you are a child, senior adult, or professional athlete. Our Certified Personal Trainers have the necessary skills and education to help you achieve the best version of yourself. We are solely focused on our clients success with in depth Nutrition consultations, mobility training, functional movements and personalized exercise programs. At Intensity Fitness we understand that people have busy lives and their time is valuable. Our Certified Personal Trainers specialize in 30 minute fitness programing that will push you to your limits and give you maximum results. We will hold you accountable to ensure your success. Give us a try! Sign for a Free Fitness Assessment and get started today!

Voted Best Gym in Sugarland for 4 Consecutive years!


Wow! Check it out I’m super stoked that my little Gym has been chosen for the best of Suga
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