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Sid Karim

Owner/Master Trainer

Sid is a active Men's Physique Competitor With over 20 years of experience/multiple certifications/is a fitness and Nutrition expert. He is a Black Belt in Brazillian Jujitsu as well as the Head Fitness Instructor/Owner of Intensity Fitness. Sid continuously educates himself on nutrition and lifestyle optimization. He practices what he preaches by staying fit and living by example. Sid's training methodology does not follow a cookie cutter one size fits all fitness program. He understands the body and customizes each workout for his clients. Sid incorporates a variety of exercise modalities such as Mobility, Corrective Exercises, Weight Training, Muscle and Strength building exercises, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Cardio/Boxing/Kickboxing! Sid is also a Self Defense instructor and does private one on one or group classes.

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Lydia Bowie


Executive Administrator

Lydia is an educator with over ten years of experience. Driven by her love for learning and building relationships, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible. As the Executive Administrative Assistant and Program Coordinator, her goals include informing the surrounding communities of our gym’s offerings, and providing our clients a first class experience. In addition to her primary job functions, Lydia has been recognized by many of our gym goers for her extraordinary commitment to setting a great atmosphere at our gym.  Lydia attends the gym regularly and is not afraid to challenge herself. She is open to trying new workouts led by our owner/master trainer Sid.  Her favorite workouts are the ones that include kickboxing and strength training.  

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Bob Pavlock

Personal Trainer

Bob is a retired former manager and project manager in the healthcare information technology sector.  He is an avid distance runner who ran his first full marathon at the age of 60.  He has finished 7 marathons and completed a number of half marathons, 10K, and 5K runs.  Fitness and proper nutrition has always been a top priority in his daily life routine.  Bob knows that there is not a one size fits all fitness routine that achieves all fitness goals.  He is adaptable and willing to try different variations.


Distance running has taught him a number of life lessons which he applies to his everyday fitness routines:

  • Dream Big and Set Goals:  set your sights high, celebrate your small victories

  • People make all the difference:  everyone needs support and it helps

  • Pain is temporary, regret is forever:  never leave a situation knowing there was more you could do

  • It is a journey, not a race:  pace yourself, it cannot be full speed ahead at all times

  • Finish strong: you don’t have to finish first, but push yourself to be your best, right up to the end


If you are interested in getting started, all you have to do is take that first step on the journey to your new and healthier life.  Consider signing up for a free fitness assessment today.


David Robinson

Personal Trainer

David is a multi sport athlete that plays the game of football. He is a proud owner of a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and physiology. David played football since 6 years old at every highest level including now being a pro! He has been trained by as well as worked along side top tier strength and conditioning coaches.  He has worked as a rehabilitation specialist at a chiropractors office; working with a variety of clients from youth to  the elderly. He is very knowledgeable on how the body functions with numerous ways to alter exercises to better fit clients state of fitness. David is very outgoing, loves to smile and understands the importance of what positivity and happiness can do to the mind, body, and soul. He is determined to give you the best personable experience/workout that best fits you, striving to help you find the NEXT LEVEL U!

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Jeremiah Bennett

Personal Trainer

I'm Jeremiah Bennett, a seasoned sports performance coach and personal trainer, dedicating my expertise since late 2021. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University, I specialize in elevating the fitness journey for individuals who thrive on pushing boundaries. My passion lies in crafting challenging workouts that seamlessly weave together elements of balance, strength, mobility, and athleticism, ensuring each session propels you toward continuous improvement. I recently just moved to the Houston area and I’m looking to build up my clientele! Join me on this dynamic fitness journey and unlock your full potential!

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